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John Schwab in Dark Mon£y

John plays Hollywood movie producer Jotham Starr. On returning home, a young actor in the movie reveals that he was abused by Starr during the filming. His parents decide to take legal advice, hoping that Starr will go to prison, but things do not pan out as they had wished. Dark Mon£y is on BBC1 8th and 9th July

Hobsons artists in Whodunnit (Unrehearsed)

An isolated manor, a storm brewing and a stranger at the door. The clichés flow as freely as the suspicious liquor in the library, but this murder mystery spoof has one hell of a twist. Written and directed by Mark Cameron, Whodunnit (Unrehearsed) features a different celebrity in each performance stepping in as the Inspector without any rehearsal and without ever having seen the script! Natasha Cottriall also stars as Daughter of the Manor, Felicity Dangle. At the Park Theatre 15th - 27th July

Paul Darrow

It is with much sadness that we tell you of the death of Paul Darrow. Paul was one of Hobsons' best loved voices and had many fans of the character Avon he played in Blake's 7. More recently, his voice could be heard on Jack FM, providing soundbites with his trademark dry humour. He will be greatly missed.

Tony Hirst on stage

Tony plays Jim Heeler in this new adaptation of Hobson's Choice. Jim asks Hobson to take him to the Moonrakers bar and Hobson asks Jim for his advice on how to manage his daughters who have their own ideas about how they want to run their lives. At the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester until 6th July.

Julie Peasgood in Years and Years

Look out for Julie playing herself as best friend of celebrity turned politician,Vivienne Rook. The series follows 15 tumultuous years in Britain, through the eyes of one family, the Lyons. Starts Tuesday 14th May. BBC1 9pm

Helen Atkinson Wood is Radio Active!

Helen and the other original members of Radio Active have reunited to take the award winning Radio 4 show on the road. Touring all over the country until June 2nd and then at Edinburgh Festival in August.

Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast

We're delighted to announce the second coming of psychic to the stars, the one and only, CLINTON BAPTISTE! Yes, it's true, series 2 of the critically acclaimed podcast hits the airwaves today. Starring Alex Lowe and a host of talented comedians, recorded entirely in our studio and produced by our fantastic engineer, Jonathan. "Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast" can be found on Global Player.

The Good Fight Series 3

Cush is back as Lucca Quinn in Series 3 of the legal and political drama, The Good Fight. Thursdays at 9pm on More 4

James Thornton is back on the farm

James lends his dulcets to a new series of This Farming Life. Wednesdays BBC 2 8pm

David Walliams' podcast now out on Classic fm

Did you know that Mozart loved fart jokes? And that Beethoven was so scruffy he was arrested? Classical composers are not quite what you'd expect! Join David as he goes on a marvellous musical journey of discovery; a great way to introduce your child to the world of classical music. A new episode each day from 4th February

Kevin Bishop is doing Porridge!

Kevin is back on our screens playing Nigel Norman 'Fletch' Fletcher, grandson of Norman Stanley Fletcher, banged up for cyber crimes. BBC1 2pm from Sunday 20th January

James Barrsicale in Outlander

James plays lawyer, Farquard Campbell, in Amazon Prime's new series of OUTLANDER - Brave The New World. Starts Sunday 11th November