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Rakhee Thakrar in Wonka!

Rakhee plays Lottie Bell in the new film about Willy Wonka. In cinemas from December 8th

Tom Davis in Wonka!

Tom plays Bleacher, the horrible sidekick of the evil Mrs Scrubitt - two of the nastiest, most revolting persons you could have the misfortune of meeting. In cinemas from December 8th.

Melanie Hill in Casualty

Casualty has a new Clinical Nurse Manager, Siobhan MacKenzie, played by Melanie. Siobhan is firm but fair, and is determined to get the best from her team. But cross her and the fur will fly! Saturdays BBC One

We're team Amanda!

We're very proud of Amanda who is currently cutting a rug with Giovanni in this year's Strictly. Go Amanda!! BBC 1, 6.30pm Saturdays

Man About The House

Hermione Norris narrates a new programme looking back at the series Man About The House which ran for 6 series back in the 70's. Man About The House: 50 Years of Laughs is on Saturday 14th October, 9.30 on Channel 5

Marc Elliott in The Father and The Assassin

Marc plays Prime Minister Nehru in this play that traces the life of journalist and Gandhi's murderer, Nathuram Godse over 30 years during India's fight for independence. At National Theatre until October 14th

Rise of the Footsoldier:Vengeance

Footsoldier fans - the wait is over! Craig Fairbrass reprises his role as Tate in the latest offering in the Footsoldier series. After an armed robbery goes wrong thanks to his bungling associate, Tate is out for vengeance. In cinemas nationwide September 15th.

Max Bennett at The Globe

Max Bennett plays Macbeth in director Abigail Graham's debut at Shakespeare's Globe. Returning from war, he's offered ultimate control by three strangers and desperate for a new future, he and his wife set out to make it a reality. Until 28th October.

Marc Cameron narrates new series

This is one for restoration and classic car enthusiasts - Mark narrates a new 10 part series following various cases of classic cars brought lovingly back to life. The Repair Lot starts on 23rd July, 6pm on Dave

Karl Collins goes Retro!

Karl narrates a new 10 part series about the dying art of repairing electronics, fronted by super-fixer Rob Howard, one of the UK's last remaining full-time repair men of retro-electronic products. The series was also recorded at Hobsons studio! Retro Electro Workshop is on UKTV 9pm from 18th July.

Tony Hirst narrates Alone

Tony narrates a new 6 part survival series - Alone follows 10 contestants dropped in the Canadian wilderness who have to survive totally, you guessed it, alone! Starts 6th August on Channel 4

Clifford Samuel on stage

Jenny believes her new home is haunted, but her husband Sam, played by Clifford, isn't having any of it. They argue with their first dinner guests, old friend Lauren and her new partner Ben. Can the dead really walk again? Belief and scepticism clash, but something feels strange and frightening, and that something is getting closer, so they are going to stay up... until 2.22am... and then they will know. Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave from May 14th