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Tom Oldham is here!

We're delighted to announce that we now represent Tom Oldham.

John Dagleish in A Midsummer Night's Dream

John plays Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Young Vic. Until the 1st April

Springbreak with Grandad

Joanna narrates a brand new series of Springbreak with Grandad. Tune in for much hilarity as families head to Cancun for Springbreak... Mondays 10pm on MTV

Mark Dolan is dashing downhill in feats of derring do....

We are all behind Mark (very far behind)shouting and screaming for him as he bravely hurtles headlong down the skijump. Like a really tall superman, he'll be flying through the snowy skies and hopefully landing further ahead than anyone else! Go Mark!! Channel 4 Sundays at 7.30.

Chris Bowen on Hallmark

Chris plays Stanley Wickford, aide to Queen Beatrice of Calpurnia in this romantic fairytale. On Hallmark from 14th January.

Charlie Creed-Miles in 100 Streets

100 Streets follows three interwoven stories as they play out in modern day London. Charlie plays cab driver George. He and his wife dream of having kids but a devastating road accident puts their hopes on hold. On iTunes and now on general release in USA

Teresa Gallagher is Go!

Well actually, Thunderbirds are, but Teresa can be heard as the voice of the camera, Eos! ITV, Saturdays 3.30pm

Elaine Cassidy in The Ghost Squad

Elaine plays detective Amy Harris who goes on an undercover investigation into a sex trafficking ring. She has to maintain her cover under severe duress and whilst doing this discovers her fellow undercover colleague has become dependent on drugs whilst posing as a criminal. On London Live Wednesday 7th 10pm