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In the last few years the number of post-production studios in Central London has escalated; there are over 80 in the square mile that is Soho and north Oxford Street alone.

Your trusty A-Z will undoubtedly get you to the right area, but wandering up and down a road that could be a mile long, looking for what may be little more than a doorway, can be hugely frustrating. You need to arrive cool, relaxed and stress-free for a session. So to make life a little easier, we've compiled a list of studios and the quickest way to get to them. It's written in a concise, shorthand style, with useful landmarks in bold and a photo for easier recognition.

Of course there's rarely just one route to a given destination, particularly in a dense area such as Soho. Wardour Street, for example, is a short walk from either Tottenham Court Road or Oxford Circus tube stations. However, for expediency we have chosen what we consider to be the shortest or quickest route. Doubtless you'll find your own favourite in time.

The guides also include a few of the more popular studios outside central London such as SKY and Electronic Arts. We hope you find them useful.